Bocanegra EP 1​.​1

by Bocanegra

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released January 1, 2011

Produced by Bocanegra and Martin Atkins

Mastered by Brent Lambert at "Kitchen Mastering"

Cover designed by Braulio Miki



all rights reserved


Bocanegra Winston Salem, North Carolina

"Bocanegra" was formed in 2006 as a side project for various musicians in Peru, including members of "Dolores Delirio", "Almática", and "Astrea". With their other primary bands on hiatus, it was decided to focus all efforts into the project in 2009. Martin Atkins (Pigface, Killing Joke, PIL, NIN, Ministry) signed onto the project in June 2010. Recordings were completed in August 2010 in Chicago. ... more

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Track Name: Love (the) Machine
Love (the) Machine

They shoved us into the factory
Where all their heroes are made
Simplified all the structures
Explained away all our pain

7 years held us empty
7 years held us blind
All these years of a worthless war
Thinking we would believe it all

The subtle truth is killing me
Lies woven oh so intricately
The poisons in every word you said
To infect the hearts of the common man

Controlling lives isnt easy
It’s a disciplined game
Forcefeeding the public
Masking loss as a gain

Love the machine ‘cause it loves us
You always knew what was best
We’ll just cover our ears and cover our eyes
So you can murder the rest

The subtle truth is killing me
Lies woven oh so intricately
The poisons in your every word
To infect our hearts with your dreams absurd
Track Name: Danceaux De La Femme
Danceaux de la Femme

Te dejo caer muy lejos de su abrazo

(She let you fall far from her embrace)

Te encerro en la noche y te hizo imaginar demasiadas cosas

(Caging you into the night and making you imagine so many things)

Tan solo miro, sonrio y solto tu mano

(With a gaze and a smile, she let go of your hand)

Con un ultimo beso apago la cancion que bailabas

(With a last kiss, she turned off the song that you danced to)

Te dejo envolver cada pequeño recuerdo…hasta un pedazo del cielo

(She let you wrap each little memory…even a piece of heaven)

Que el viento abandono en tu puerta

(that the wind dropped at your door)

Tan solo se fue como un perfecto extraño

(Then she left like a perfect stranger)

Con un ultimo beso apago esa cancion que cantabas

(With one last kiss she turned off the song that you sang)


Solo te dejo tu propio reflejo en cada cristal

(She left you with only your reflection in every glass)

Y una hermoso brillante que vale nada

(And a beautiful sparkle that means nothing)
Track Name: Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished

We’re losing power captain tell us how we should proceed
We’re losing face, losing our grip on all the people
who wanted so badly to believe in our capabilities
Our title role is unmatched
Who’s left to intercede?

Seek out the ones around the world to make new enemies
The poorest nations should be grateful
For the breadcrumbs and the bombs we drop
all in the name of freedom and of liberty
We’ll breed a new type of world
Masked as Democracy

Create a hate for those who don’t agree with what we believe
Blackout the media to control all the images of a war
That the public is not allowed to see
If they question our resolve
The answers will mislead

Those who dessent will be charged with national heresy
Rasie your voice
Lose your choice
To exist in this brainwashed nation that we’ve come to be
Home of the power hungry cowards who feed on fallacy
Land of where they stole our right to be free
Track Name: No Response
No Response

I breathe her name
But she’ll never hear
Her ears have failed to listen
I wear her favorite things
That she’ll never see
Doubt has made her blind and turn away from me

An end may mark a beginning
But she left knowing what she meant to me
An endless array of emotions sparkle in my red heart
That she’ll never feel
A sense of self has numbed her until she disappears

It may have been our ignorance that made us lose our way
But it’s the indifference of pride that will keep us apart
My soul may cry our for her touch , ripping away all of my soft parts
I can beg for sleep, but the more I plead her voice rings in my mind

Wake up now…Wake up and live now…